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ABOUT BUYDMT is the first official website made in 2012 for the sales of dmt online. We initially where street dealer, but migrated to reach more people by selling online. First, we thought we could have better market on the dark web. Selling in the deep web has brought us too many issues, so we found a way to access to daily web and give people what they want legally while keeping them secure. We are presently located (Store location of in Los Angeles, California. But unfortunately, a specific address cannot be disclosed for security reasons.

We have settled over 6 stores around the USA and 2 stores in the UK. Our distribution traffic is the best and we posses the fastest delivery service, hence the overnight shipping. We have built a strong reputation in the psychedelics world and especially in the sales of DMT. Our product on the market has proven to be the best and lab tested to have little or no impurities. Hence no side effects and the best high ever.

Unfortunately, we have lost our reviews and social profiles as we got completely hacked and shut down for a year. Our online platform took a hit , but now we are back and ready. Old customers should feel free to communicate back at us and order as before. We are the official BUYDMT online store and the best at it.

You Get HIGH , We Keep You High!

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